Why buy an Electric Bike?

If you are considering an electric bike, here are some genuine reasons why that is a good idea!

Cheaper than you think

A quality electric bike could keep you cycling for around 7 years, Bosch themselves state that the battery should be good for around 10 years or 1500 full charge cycles and for the first two years a Bosch battery is covered by the warranty. Some people are put off by the initial cost of a bike but in the long term they are a great investment. If you use your bike to commute, you will save time and money on fuel plus wear and tear on your car. Have a gym membership? No need, use the free open air gym called the outdoors when you ride it. Factor all that in and maybe buy it on a cycle to work scheme saving 30%+ or spread the cost on interest-free finance and all of sudden the price of an ebike seems cheap. What price can you put on your time and stress?

Breeze past traffic on the commute

The average speed of cars in cities is 7-10mph. An ebike can comfortably do 15mph+. Getting around urban areas in a car is both stressful and polluting. Electric bikes are ideal for commutes upto 30 mins or 10 miles and more if you want.  You'll arrive on time in the same time everyday. You'll be buzzing with endorphins and ready to hit work stress-free plus you'll save a packet on fuel too.


Everyone who rides a bike takes a car off the road. That's less congestion, less air pollution. Electric bikes produce a tiny amount of C02 (2-3 grams) per mile compared to a car (150 grams)

Get fitter, go further

Some people say E-Bikes are cheating - they really aren't. UK legal bikes like the ones we supply don't have throttles and you still have to pedal. But you have control over the amount of work you do with differing levels of assistance. If you ride an ebike you will still get fitter plus you will be able to ride further and longer. So use the assistance, cycle more and over greater distances and you could even get more exercise than if you were using a non powered bike. Cycling on an electric bike is a low-impact form of exercise and therefore is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Level the terrain

On a non-electric bike, your heart rate will track the terrain you ride. Up when you go up, down when you go down and it will stay relatively steady on flat terrain. An ebike will flatten any hills and your effort will be consistent. No more blowing out your backside up the hills (..or you can if you want to!)

Boost your mental health

Riding a bike doesn’t just benefit your physical health – it helps your mind too. Cycling releases'feel-good' hormones which help to relax your mind and make you feel happier. Research shows that those who regularly cycle have a significantly lower risk of feeling stressed. 

It's Social

Cycling is a great way to enjoy time with friends and family. Electric bikes will help when there are different fitness levels within the group and not being out of breath means you can have a good chat along the way too!