Birmingham South - Solihull Trade in Event

Trade in any bike for £100 off any Brand New electric bike.

Although actual figures are hard to find, sadly there is an estimated annual total of 27,500 potential discarded bicycles in London alone you can read a study HERE.

Extrapolate this figure and we can assume hundreds of thousands of bikes are discarded or lie unused in sheds and garages around the UK.

Many of these bikes are simply dumped and most can end up in landfill. Cycles are good for the environment, but disposing of them often isn’t.

A recycling scheme is a great way to re-purpose unused bikes. Charities often service the bikes and donate them or charge a small fee for them, ensuring they go to the most in need.

If you have an old bike in your shed or just want to trade up to electric, let us take it off your hands. Our Birmingham South - Solihull store based in Shirley is running a trade in event until the end of February.

The promotion is quite simple. Bring any working, non-electric bike into us and we’ll give you £100 OFF any new electric bike purchased.

Dispose of your bike safely, help reduce waste and give someone else the joy of riding.

All bikes traded in with us will be donated to a local charity (where possible)

You’ll need to provide Photo ID, Proof of Address and sign a disclaimer to confirm the bike is yours and that’s it.

Terms & Conditions