Cycle to Work

The Cycle to Work scheme is an initiative that encourages employees to cycle to work, promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing environmental impact. Here's a general overview of how the scheme typically works:

  1. Employer Participation: Employers sign up for the Cycle to Work scheme, making it available to their employees.
  2. Employee Selection: Employees interested in participating choose a bike and/or cycling accessories (such as helmets, locks, lights) from a participating retailer.
  3. Salary Sacrifice: The cost of the chosen bike and accessories is deducted from the employee's gross salary over a fixed period (usually 12 or 18 months). This is known as a "salary sacrifice" arrangement.
  4. Tax Savings: Since the cost is deducted before tax, employees can save on income tax and National Insurance contributions.
  5. Ownership Options: At the end of the salary sacrifice period, employees often have the option to purchase the bike outright at a fair market value, continue to use it under a secondary agreement, or return it.

Employees can use the scheme annually to buy more bikes or spread the cost of future parts, accessories and upgrades.

We accept vouchers from the below Cycle To Work providers.

We are delighted to announce that from August 2023 we now also work with gogeta. These guys do things differently & are not like your average tax-free cycling provider, they offer unbeatable value, they have swift easy admin and offer 24/7 support to employers, employees and retailers alike.

Online Purchases 

Gogeta and Cyclescheme customers can complete their Cycle to Work order online - all you have to do is enter your voucher details during the checkout process and choose payment method as 'Redeem Cycle to Work Scheme'.

Green Commute, VIVUP, My Benefits World, Cycle Solutions and Bike2Work customers please contact our Customer Services Team to place your order as we currently can't accept these vouchers online.

We are sorry but we are unable to accept Cycle2Work vouchers at the present time (this scheme as also known as Halfords Cycle2Work).

There are some kinds of items which aren't available to buy using a cycle to work voucher. If you add these items to your basket, you won't be able to complete your order online. Generally, these cover non-essential riding gear. For example, electronics such as cycle computers and ride trackers.

In Store Purchases 

This couldn't be simpler. Just pop into one of our stores to purchase your new bike and accessories. Our team will be on hand to support you throughout the whole process. Some schemes may incur a single 5% build & handling charge. 

NEW! - We are pleased to announce the suspension of any charges on CycleScheme vouchers. 

Reduced Bikes

Reduced bikes purchased via a Cycle To Work scheme will incur a single 5% build & handling charge, except for customers using a GoGeta or CycleScheme voucher

As the cost of living continues to rise this is a great way to save money, Be Greener and Healthier

Savings are typically 30- 45% . Higher rate tax payers save the most. Additionally, the employer saves 13.8% on Employers National Insurance and may well be able to claim capital allowance on the purchase too. 

The process for buying a bike is quite simple. If your employer is signed up to one of the schemes listed, we can help you.

  • Apply for your Cycle to Work voucher via your employer
  • Your employer authorises your application
  • Your employer is invoiced for your bike and pays for it
  • Your Cycle to Work voucher is issued to you
  • Redeem your voucher for a new bike and accessories. Cyclescheme vouchers can be redeemed online at the checkout.
  • You begin to pay for your bike via salary sacrifice
  • At the end of the hire period (typically 12 months), ownership is transferred

How much can I save?

Example with an order total of £3248 based on a higher rate tax payer.

Bike Cost £2999
Accessory Cost £249

Total Cost = £3248

Cost Per Month (Salary Sacrifice)= £171.54 over 12 months.
Total Savings = £1490.58 or 43.25%

The Cycle to Work scheme is an initiative that encourages employees to cycle to work, promoting a healthier lifestyle and reducing environmental impact. Here's a general overview of how the scheme typically works:

Do you charge For Using a Cycle To Work Scheme & When Can I collect My Bike

Some scheme commission charges are so high we have to add a small build and handing charge to make it worthwhile for us. Not all schemes attract this charge though. Please contact us for further information.

Bikes and accessories reduced from the full RRP when using some schemes are subject to a 5% of voucher total charge. Eg: a sale item purchased with a £1000 voucher will be subject to a £50 build & handling charge.

Discount codes cannot be applied against Cycle to Work orders.

Provider Collection Timescales
Cyclescheme After we process your voucher
Vivup When we receive funds from provider
Gogeta After we process your voucher
Bike2Work When we receive funds from provider
Cycle Solutions When we receive funds from provider
GCI After we process your voucher
My Benefits World When we receive funds from provider

Some scheme providers take a few days to transfer us funds, we are sorry but we cannot release your bike away until cleared payment has been received, our team will keep you updated.

Can I participate in the cycle to work scheme?

To be eligible for Cycle to Work you must be paid via PAYE and be a fulltime, working adult aged 16 or over. Your employer needs to be signed up and your earnings should be more than the National Living Wage (NLW) or National Minimum Wage (NMW) after the salary sacrifice is taken from your gross salary.

How are the savings made?

The value of your bike and accessories (incl VAT where applied) are deducted from your gross salary so you effectively pay less tax. Cumulatively, per month over the hire period, those tax savings add up to a total saving of between 30-42% (typically) on the retail price of the bike and accessories. Contact your cycle to work scheme operator for a precise quote as how much you can save is dependent on your personal circumstances. Higher rate tax payers will save more.

Can I get an electric bike on a cycle to work scheme?

Yes, but bear in mind your employer may set an upper limit and your voucher MUST cover the total cost of your purchase. 

Can I get a quote?

Yes you can. You can create your own quote online via most Cycle To Work scheme website.

Can I top my voucher up?

No, your voucher must cover the total value of your purchase.

Can I purchase accessories only?

Yes you can but some accessories are not allowed. As a rule of thumb anything you can wear or attach to a bike (except GPS) is allowed. Contact us or your scheme provider if you need help with this.

Can I use my voucher retrospectively?

No, we can't apply a voucher to your order retrospectively after full payment has been taken. IMPORTANT: You must inform us you wish to purchase via Cycle to Work at the point or order

Can I use part of my voucher value now and the rest of it later?

No, your whole voucher value is redeemed at the point of payment

Can I use my voucher with finance?

No, we can't do that. Sorry.

What About Halfords Cycle2Work?

We're sorry but we don't accept Halfords Cycle2Work scheme vouchers.