Electric Bike Maintenance

Electric Bikes will only work correctly if they are regularly checked, cleaned, maintained and serviced. 

Before Every Ride - M Check

We recommend you always do a quick, basic check of your bike before every ride. This is often called an M check because as you move around the bike from back to front it forms the shape of an M. Here is a short video showing you how to do an M check


We always recommend an annual service, however customers that use their bikes more often, in inclement weather or extreme conditions will need to give their bikes a little extra TLC and may need a service more often.  All new bikes are supplied with a service manual, so make sure your book is stamped so you maintain a service history.

Save upto 46% on servicing with a Service Plan. These are available to owners within 60 days of purchase


Your electric bike can be cleaned and maintained like a normal bike but use some common sense. Water and Electrics are not compatible so no hose pipes, pressure washers or watering cans as you risk water ingress and possible damage to your ebike system.

A regular clean and lube can extend the life of your drivetrain 2 or 3 times if done diligently. You've paid a lot of money for your bike. Keep it clean, look after it, save money.

For more information and tips on cleaning your electric bike, take a look at our Ebike Cleaning Guide

Software Updates

Some ebike systems, in particular Bosch, issue regular software updates to fix bugs, tweak motor performance or enhance accuracy. Our customers benefit from FREE software updates for life. Whenever your bike is with us, we will automatically check and upgrade your software for you.