How to lube an ebike chain

Why should I lube my Ebike chain? 

Keeping your chain clean and lubricated could triple the life of your transmission and save you £££ on replacing prematurely worn components. It will help keep your gears quiet, efficient and smooth. Chain lube prevents corrosion too.

What will I need? 

Assuming you have cleaned your chain first, you will need some chain lube and a lint-free cloth. Microfibre cloths work really well.

Step 1: Clean

The first step is ensuring that you are applying lube to a clean, dry chain.  Lube on top of existing grit and dirt that will cause premature wear on your chain and gears is not a good idea. In fact it will make things worse and probably accelerate the wear as it will attract even more dirt and grime

Step 2: Apply

The easiest way to apply is on the lower half of the chain on the inside, hold the bottle so that the pipette is just above the chain and squeeze one drop per link. To move the chain along, either rotate your cranks backwards or lift your back wheel and pedal forwards. Once you have done the whole inside of the chain cycle the drivetrain a few times to allow the lube to penetrate into links of the chain.

Step 3: Wipe

Now you need to wipe off the excess lube. We recommend you  use a microfibre cloth to lightly hold the chain whilst you pedal until the whole chain has passed through the cloth. Now you're ready to ride! 

Pro Tip: If your chain looks wet, it has too much lube on it. Wipe it off.