How to clean your transmission

Why is it important to clean my Drivetrain?

One of the most important things you can do on any electric bike is to keep your transmission clean. Cleaning your drivetrain is important for a few reasons!

Think of your lube attracting dirt & debris and without attention becoming a grinding paste which will literally wear your transmission away! Regular cleaning could triple the life of your transmission. Cleaning your chain, cassette and chainring allows you to add fresh lube and reduce wear which will also save you £££. We recommend a chain bath like the Muc-Off X3 Chain Cleaner or a Muc-Off Chain Doc. They are quick, do a great job and minimize the chances of contaminating your brakes.

How do I Degrease my Transmission ?

Step 1: Rinse the drivetrain thoroughly with clean water.

Step 2: Fit the chain bath and cycle the cranks backwards to immerse the whole chain with cleaning fluid in the bath. If your ebike doesn't back pedal when you turn the pedals backwards either lift your bike off the ground with a stand or ask someone to hold the bike for you while you turn the pedals forwards.

Step 3: Use a brush and some chain cleaning fluid to agitate any obvious grime on your cassette and chainring

Step 4: Rinse the drivetrain thoroughly with clean water again. The cleaning fluid and dirt should wash off

Pro Tip! Be careful when rinsing off your drivetrain that you don’t splash dirty grease onto your brake disks!

Step 5: Run your chain through a clean, lint-free cloth  to dry it. Micro-fibre cloths work really well.

Step 6: Lube your chain! It is important to ensure your chain is protected from corrosion after cleaning, if you don’t lube your chain it could rust!