Performance Health Checks - FREE From 2nd April to 10th May

The Electric Bike Shop offer a Performance Health Check on all recognised brands of E-Bikes, through our national coverage of E-Bike specific retail locations around the country.

From from 2nd April until 10th May we are offering FREE Performance Health Checks worth £50 

What is a Performance Health Check? 

A Performance Health Check is a short, check over of your electric bike from one of our trained technicians. Think of it like your cars MOT - A quick check over to make sure everything is running smoothly. We can then offer any recommendations that you may need - say new tyres or a new chain etc. 

How do I know if my E-Bike needs a Performance Health Check? 

Typically, you will need a Performance Health Check every year or after approximately 1500 miles. This to make sure everything is in good working order.

Some of our bikes that utilise the Bosch motor have set service intervals, so you do not even have to worry about checking when you need a service. 

Here you can see an image of the Bosch Purion controller, the little spanner highlights the need for the bike to be looked at by a trained technician

What is included in a Performance Health Check?

The Performance Health Check is a short, 20 point inspection of your eBike to make sure all the important parts of the bike are working to a satisfactory level. We check all parts of the bike, including tyre wear and pressure, your gears (drivetrain) and all other important parts.

Also, If your bike is a Bosch powered bike we will also connect the diagnostic tool to check for any issues or to update any of the firmware

We will score the condition of these 20 points using a green, amber, red system and create recommendations if you need any additional work to get your bike to the satisfactory level. 

Where can I take my bike to get a Performance Health Check? 

The Electric Bike Shop has 10 locations nationwide alongside our service partners around the country. 

We recommend you booking in advance, to avoid disappointment, as we cannot always perform the check on the spot.

The easiest way to do this is via our Book an Appointment section of our website HERE. Just choose your store & select a Performance Health Check using the drop down menu.

Let us know you are coming

The check should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, you are very welcome to try a new model of bike while you wait or leave your bike with us and return to collect later that day.

Do not hesitate today - Get your Performance Health Check booked and make sure everything is working as it is supposed to do!

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