Our April Fool's For 2024!

Update Your E-Bike System To Pedal Backwards At Up To 15.5mph (With Assistance)

Ever taken your E-Bike down a narrow path and found your route is blocked by a locked gate or fallen tree, or got stuck in a grid locked traffic jam and there is no clear route to cycle forwards?

Usually the only option is get off and push your bike on foot to a place you can turn around.

But not any more!

After a simple upgrade to your E-Bike system - this latest development means you will have the option to pedal backwards at up to 15.5mph with electrical assistance.

And even better it’s FREE - Bosch or Yamaha system update now available exclusively at The Electric Bike Shop. We are the first retailer to make this available to our valued customers.

The technology is going forwards and you can be going backwards!

If you can cycle backwards on your bike, it opens up a lot of opportunities to reset your position and try again at an approach - and it adds so much to your bike handling and wheel placement skills. It will help you riding more than you think!

And an extra bonus is pedaling backwards will require you to use different muscles, you can improve your own personal stamina and even get that heart pumping more than before. Your body gets used to going in the same direction and using the same muscles all the time.

Register below ⬇️to receive your update, select the store of your choice and one of the team will be in contact to confirm your appointment, it can be done while you wait, taking no more than 10 minutes for the software to download from our diagnostic equipment.

Once your bike has been upgraded, one of our team will take you through the operation of the update and accompany you on a short test ride in reverse.


If you have any questions please get in touch by phone, email or via our website 'live chat' service which is manned by real people (no AI or bots)

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