2024 Cube Editor Hybrid - Lightweight Bosch SX Power For The Urban Jungle

2024 Cube Editor Hybrid - Lightweight Bosch SX Power For The Urban Jungle

Meet the new CUBE Editor Hybrid, blending effortless style with easy handling and traffic-beating pedal assistance.

City streets: full of life, full of opportunity. And, often, full of traffic. With the launch of the Editor Hybrid, CUBE has created a svelte solution to the problem of getting from A to B across town.

With its elegantly sculpted aluminium frame and carbon fork plus the lightweight Bosch SX drive system, its understated simpliCITY disguises serious traffic-devouring ability. The performance may be heavyweight, but the weight... well, it isn't the Cube Editor Hybrid weighs in from 17.2kg. With up to 55Nm of torque, 50% less pedal resistance than some other drive units and an integrated 400Wh battery and controller, the Bosch SX system is the ideal way to make navigating city streets easier.

Choose from 3 models, hub gears on the belt driven Cube Editor Hybrid SLT 400X,  8 speed hub gears on the Cube Editor Hybrid SLX 400X and Shimano 10-speed derailleur on the Cube Editor Hybrid Pro 400X

Cube Editor Hybrid SLT 400X - 17.7kg

For the ultimate in get-on-and-go simpliCITY, the Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub gears and Gates belt drive of the Editor Hybrid SLT 400X take some beating. The goblin ‘n’ glossy paint scheme marks this out as a special bike - dark, glossy, and eye-catching in an understated way. And, with its lightweight carbon fork and powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, it's always ready.

Editor Hybrid SLT

Cube Editor Hybrid SLX 400X - 17.8kg

Low maintenance comes as standard with the Editor Hybrid SLX 400X, thanks to its Shimano 8-speed hub gears. It’s great-looking, too, with a special sleekgrey ‘n’ spectral paint which emphasises the pared-back design language of the frame’s contours.

Editor Hybrid SLX

Cube Editor Hybrid Pro 400X - 17.2kg

The Editor Hybrid Pro 400X’s understated black ‘n’ spectral paint suits the frame’s stealth silhouette, but it’s also packed with the technology you’d expect from CUBE. It features easy-to-use Shimano 10-speed Cues gears and powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, for light and lively performance.

Editor Hybrid Pro

Every model in the range is an e-bike superhero in disguise: bringing simpliCITY to urban riding.

See the complete range HERE

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