Why E-Bike? | The Electric Bike Shop

We’re passionate about electric bikes because of all of the benefits they can offer. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to choose an e-bikes:


·     E-bikes can offer great savings on your commute, with no tax, MOT, or expensive petrol or diesel to pay for.

·     Commuting on an electric bike can save lots of time over sitting in traffic jams or waiting for public transport.

·     Riding an electric bike is ideal for those who are looking to get fitter – the motor is there to assist, so while it might ‘feel’ easy, you’ll still be burning calories.

·     The electric motor is ideal for those who often find themselves in stop-start traffic or live in a hilly area, and can also make climbing mountain bike trails much more enjoyable!

·     If you’re recovering from an injury, an electric bike can be a great rehabilitation tool, reducing strain on muscles and joints.

·     Electric bikes are environmentally friendly, and do not emit noise pollution, helping to improve your local area compared to most other forms of transport.


What is an electric bike?

So, what exactly is an electric bike? An electric bike, or E-bike, is a bicycle with a battery-powered motor. When you pedal, the motor assists you, increasing your speed and reducing the strain.

The electric motor may only provide assistance up to 15.5mph – but of course you can exceed this with your legs or a hill – and riders must be age 14 or over.


How far can I go?

This depends on a few factors including the rider, the conditions, and the bike itself. For a good electric bike, you can often expect a range of around 40 miles before the battery needs recharging – more than enough for a morning commute! Of course, this can be increased by turning down the level of assistance or by providing more of the power yourself and, if the battery does run out, your electric bike will still function as a normal bike! This means you won’t ever be stranded because of forgetting to charge your battery.