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Cycle to Work

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a government initiative that lets you make big savings on your electric bike by paying through tax-free salary sacrifice. This scheme lets you save up to 42% on the cost of your bike and equipment!

We accept the following Cycle to Work schemes in our stores:

·     Cyclescheme

·     Green Commute Initiative

·     Cycle Solutions

·     Bike 2 Work

·     Halfords Cycle2Work

Cycling to work helps you to save money on your commute, while getting fitter and enjoying the outdoors during the time you’d normally spend in the car or on public transport. An active commute has been proven to help you to feel more focused, productive, and happier during the day.

If you’d like to make a purchase through the Cycle to Work scheme, simply get in touch with your local store.

GIve us a call in Bristol on 0117 403 1103 or Hatton 01926 840261 or you can send us an email HERE