Why Ebikes are perfect for Summer Staycations

Why Ebikes are perfect for Summer Staycations

What does the term “Staycation” actually mean?

It became popular during the pandemic, with many people choosing to holiday in and around their local area. However, the widespread use of the word in the media has led to a debate about what it actually means. Does it mean staying in the UK or at home in the UK? We’re not sure either but for the purposes of this article we’ll take it’s meaning as a UK holiday.

Even with the pandemic out of the way it seems demand for staycations is set to remain high this Summer. With the cost of living reducing holiday budgets, desire for affordable holiday’s means staying in the UK for more and more people but that’s not a bad thing. The UK has some wonderful places to explore, and you don’t have to rely on a car. Let’s see why taking your electric bike on a UK Holiday is a great thing to do.

Clean, Green and Healthier

It doesn’t matter whether you are staying in a hotel, bed & breakfast, in a caravan or camping. Once you have settled in, to get out and about, an electric bike is a perfect choice. It will take a car off the road; you’ll save money on fuel and you’ll beat the tourist traffic not forgetting how much healthier this option is. Going to the beach? Don’t worry about finding that elusive, rare car parking space, you can just rock up, lock up and be on the beach topping up the tan before any family in a car gets near a wave. Worried about your bikes? Take them on the beach with you! Kids? You can tow small kids in a trailer or for older kids they can ride with you just the same.

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Explore More

The benefits of riding an electric bike are well documented. When away on holiday we all want to go places we’ve never been before. The benefits of E-Bikes sit right in the middle between walking and driving. Walking gets you anywhere, but distance is compromised. Driving can take you further but parking is almost always an issue. E-Bikes can take you almost anywhere a pedestrian can go or you can walk the bike and the assistance will flatten the terrain and allow you to cover greater distances too. Stop whenever you want, carry on whenever you want. E-Bikes are exploring machines and the pace you’ll ride at will allow you to enjoy and take in more of your surroundings too, as well soaking up the fresh air. Stuffy, cramped cars no more.

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Save Money

It’s no surprise that with fuel costs remaining high, using a car on holiday to get around every day will cost you exponentially more than an electric bike. In fact, on average, you can charge an electric bike 17 times for the cost of a single gallon of fuel. Throw in inevitable, expensive car park charges at tourist attractions and perhaps the odd toll maybe (cyclists are usually exempt) and your quids in riding an E-Bike.

You don’t even need a car

Who wants to start their holiday stuck in traffic on the motorway or following a caravan been towed at 30mph along narrow lanes? Ditch the stress of traffic and go by train. It doesn’t matter if your destination is miles away from a station, your E-Bike will get you and your gear there fresh and stress-free.

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The kids will love it

Children shouldn’t be a barrier to taking your electric bikes on holiday. There are so many advantages, some we’ve already outlined but for older kids, having a bike with them on holiday is synonymous to having a football. A toy they can play and occupy themselves with for hours. Welcome relief for busy parents who want to relax on holiday. For smaller kids child seats and trailers are a great choice to move the family around and with the additional weight kids will create, the electric bike’s assistance will make journey’s a breeze.

Pets can go too!

Another reason staycations are so popular at the moment is because holidaymakers don’t want to leave their pets so they take them with them. If you have a dog, they can walk/run with you or you can take them about in a purpose-built pet trailer, box or basket. It’s more popular than you think!

Space Savers

While we talk about affordability, if you can’t afford a camper van or a towbar rack to carry your electric bikes, you still have options. Folding electric bikes are a great choice for travellers and holidaymakers that are space restricted but still want to get about without relying on their car. If you have some space but not enough for full-sized electric bikes then compact ebikes are a great choice too which feature bars and seats that turn and fold flat very easily and quickly.

The Great British Weather!

Even when the British summer isn't quite as good as we may like it's still really fun to go for a ride, if you can walk in it, then you can cycle in it. Facing a headwind on a non powered bike can be challenging but on an quality E-Bike you really won't notice. E-Bikes are extremely efficient so you can potter along and still get where you’re going. Pop on some thin layers which can be removed if the sun comes out, plus a lightweight rain jacket and who cares if it's a bit damp. Just remember the take the corners gently and do your braking before you start turning. Don't let the weather be an excuse. Get out on your bike and enjoy the great outdoors, we promise you'll enjoy it.


We are passionate about electric bikes and active travel but we also understand we live in a real world too. If you need a car to go on holiday that’s absolutely fine by us, we’re not advocating parking it and not using it until you go home We just think there is a balance to be struck. We think some shorter journeys can be easily made on an electric bike which is a healthier, cleaner and cheaper option for some when money for holidays maybe a bit tighter these days. More E-Bike rides on holiday = more ice creams and that’s a fact!

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Paul started racing when he was 16 years old and has raced all over the UK on the road, track and offroad. In 2009 he opened his own cycle shop and ran that for six years until he took a brief break from the industry before returning in 2017.

He has hung his racing wheels up now preferring to ride socially with the odd event. Touring is a new passion. He likes to pack up his panniers and go on a short tour and write about it on his blog.

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