The School Run Just Got Fun!

The School Run Just Got Fun!

Back to school is approaching fast and you're probably already thinking how to get the little ones to and from. Tackling the school run just got easier and fun this Autumn when you choose to cycle electric.

Electric cargo bikes are the perfect companion to help make the back to school run simple, quick and stress-free. Choose from a wide range of electric cargo bikes and accessories, there's room for the whole gang.

Cargo bikes fall into two categories. Boxed and Longtail.

Boxed bikes

These feature a front or rear box and may have two or three wheels which can carry bulky loads like shopping or the kids, for example. Carry up to 4 kids in some models with a capacity of up to 100kg in the box.

If you're going to ride a non-electric cargo bike cycle with a full box, you'll have to work hard to pedal. That makes sense, but with an electric cargo bike you don't have to pedal harder. The assist motor does the heavy work for you.

Longtail Bikes

These have an extended rear which have accessories available to suit the type of cargo you wish to carry. You can fit boxes, baskets, bags or seats, foot rests and much more.

Some longtail bikes can be store vertically which dramatically reduces the amount of floor space necessary to store the bike. This could be handy if you need to take an elevator or a train with your bike, or even if you just want to store the bike indoors.

On some Tern bikes, the handlepost can be folded down to create a super compact package in a matter of seconds.

An electric cargo bike doesn't feel heavy to ride, as the pedal assistance provides a smooth cycling experience. The centre of gravity is low and centred. This ensures good road holding and the most natural and stable riding experience.

Cargo bikes can carry a lot of weight, typically between 100kg and 200kg. They are the perfect option if you are looking to replace a second car.

No need to worry about the Great British Weather!

Whether you’ve got some little passengers on board or just some important stuff you need to keep safe, most electric cargo bikes can be fitted with a rain cover to keep your cargo area clean and dry – whatever the weather. These covers can also be used for sun protection on high UV days.

Electric Cargo Bikes offer a highly versatile and efficient way for families to get around especially for use on the school run, they are also lots of fun!

Transport the lot, adults, kids, babies, dogs, your weekly shop or even the kitchen sink! Reduce your carbon footprint and save money too.

Electric cargo bikes from Aitour, Babboe, Benno, Cube, Raleigh & Tern from £2849 or £64.39 per month 0% APR Finance

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