Introducing Cube Electric Bikes

Introducing Cube Electric Bikes

Think you know about Cube Bikes? They are the largest bike manufacturer in Europe, find out why, below!

Cube was founded in 1993 by Marcus Pürner in North-Eastern Bavaria, originally operating out of his father’s furniture factory. They have grown at pace and Cube now assemble their bikes on a 55,000 sqm campus and export to more than 60 countries around the world. It is one of the largest employers in the Waldershof region boasting a 1000+ workforce. As well as an extensive portfolio of ebikes, Cube produce a large range of non-electric bikes too plus a wide range of accessories and clothing.

Innovation & Testing

Cube design and test their products in its dedicated 15,000 sqm Innovation Centre (CIC) and Test Laboratory. Their development team are at the forefront of the latest technologies taking ideas from design and testing through to manufacture and sale. Every product they make or fit to their bikes is tested in-house to some of the highest standards in Europe, if not the world. Testing isn’t restricted to the lab though. Real world testing by their engineers and test riders mean they can deliver bikes and products that are of the highest quality and value. Attributes that are synonymous with the Cube brand.


Cube’s huge 35,000 sqm production facility was built in 2016. It hosts 600 employees assembling bikes across two shifts and another 100 employees look after the 35 million components a year needed for production. Up to 4000 bikes are built every day.

These bikes are then packed and either shipped directly to retailers and distributors around the world or stored in their 20,000 sqm Logistics Centre which was built in 2018. This can store upto 200,000 assembled bikes.

Cube Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are now the most important part of their range. That is no surprise when electric bike sales in Germany hit 2.2 million in 2022 and they are about to surpass pedal cycles for the first time plus 90% of all mountain bikes sold are electric!

We have access to more Cube Electric Bikes than any other retailer in the UK. If you can't find the bike you want, get in touch.

Andy Kilbride, Head of Telesales

Cube break their ebike range down into the following categories:

  • EMTB
  • Trekking
  • Transport

Let’s dig into the detail.


This is quite a wide category that covers all their electric mountain bikes whether they are hardtail or full-suspension.

Hardtail eMTB’s are great all-rounders. Cube’s Reaction Hybrid eMTB is designed for offroad but more than capable of day long rides on open roads, which is their attraction, not forgetting they are a lot cheaper than their full-suspension cousins too. Customers who buy these will often use the bike for commuting in the week, for example, but definitely take it offroad for a blast at the weekends. A genuine all-rounder, stacked with tech, bursting at the seams with fun. They boast the most powerful motors and biggest batteries from Bosch. Range and power are not an issue. Great value. The Cube Reaction Hybrid is one of our best-selling hardtail electric mountain bikes. It comes in two models.

  • Reaction Hybrid Performance
  • Reaction Hybrid Pro

If you want to get serious offroad then a Cube Hybrid full-suspension eMTB is a must-have. The Cube Stereo Hybrid comes in four models differentiated by the travel each offers.

  • Stereo Hybrid 120
  • Stereo Hybrid 140
  • Stereo Hybrid 160
  • Stereo Hybrid One55

The Stereo Hybrid 120 is Cube’s entry-level allrounder with a model stacked with tech, power and range.

The Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 and 160’s are the elder statesmen of the range. They have been the mainstay of this category the past few years and continue to deliver in 2023. Travel and wheel size are the main differences. The Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 has 650b wheels because of the longer travel, the Stereo Hybrid 140 has 29ers. If you are a bigger rider that wants to do the harder trails with bigger hits the longer travel is going to help you.

The new kid on the block for 2023 is the Cube Stereo Hybrid One55. With a frame constructed from their premium C:68X carbon, it’s the lightest full suspension electric mountain bike they have ever produced. A real head turner.

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This is Cube’s widest ebike category. Breaking this down further, Cube separate them into Touring, City, Compact & Folding and S-Pedelecs. Let’s talk about these in turn

Describing their first category as Touring, it envokes images of riding bikes for leisure whether you are on silky smooth tarmac or bumping around forest tracks or canal towpaths. Any bike in this range is designed to take you where you want and fully loaded with luggage if you choose.

  • Kathmandu Hybrid
  • Touring Hybrid
  • Nuride Hybrid

The Cube Kathmandu Hybrid is the big brother amongst this tribe. The name itself is almost a definition of expedition in itself. Comfortable, the most powerful and massive range. It will take you anywhere fully loaded without compromises.

Created in the same vein for riders that don’t need the brute strength of a Bosch Gen4 motor, the Cube Touring Hybrid is the perfect compromise between performance and price. A Kathmandu on a budget.

The Cube Nuride Hybrid is a relatively new model and takes the comfort and power of a Touring Hybrid and strips away the integrated rear rack for those that just don’t need one. A testament to how Cube tries to cater for every rider wherever they can

City Bikes are designed for ditching the car and getting around urban environments quickly and easily for leisure and commuting. You choose.

  • Supreme Sport Hybrid
  • Supreme Hybrid
  • Ella Hybrid

Featuring Easy-Entry/Step-Through frames across the board. Practicality is a design principle at the heart of the Cube Supreme Hybrid range. Additionally, hub gear options make them low maintenance, cheap to run and a realistic alternative to cars. Packed with Bosch power and battery range, it doesn’t matter if your town or city is built on a hill.

The Cube Ella Hybrid is as traditional looking as it gets. Beautiful pastel colours are seamlessly merged with the raw power of a Bosch engine taking the aesthetics of a ebike up a notch.

Compact & Folding
Cube’s Compact and Folding bikes are a natural extension of their Trekking range filling gaps other manufacturers just don’t have:

  • Folding Hybrid
  • Compact Hybrid

It’s common for folding electric bike’s to get a front or rear hub-based motor which can compromise their performance. Cube have gone all in on their Folding Hybrid and given consumers the benefit of a Bosch crank-based motor in a traditional 20” wheel folding assembly that ticks all the boxes.

Sitting bang in the middle of a folding electric bike and a traditional ebike are Cube Compact Hybrids. Small wheels and folding bars, they boast the power of a normal bike with some of the convenience and space-saving attributes of a folder. These are popular with campers and caravanners as a way to get to get off site without the need for a car. A great option for commuting too.

A quick mention about Cube S-Pedelec bikes. These are bikes that can attain speeds upto 45km/h. In Germany these are sold and registered and require a mini number plate to be displayed. Regrettably, in the UK they fall outside the law for legal pedelecs and are classed as motor vehicles so would need to be taxed and insured. Because of this, The Electric Bike Shop don’t sell these bikes.


Cube’s transport category is one the fastest growing in the industry. Their cargo bikes are designed to use the power of a Bosch motor to lug big cargo and offer a tangible alternative to a car or van.

  • Cargo Hybrid
  • Cargo Sport Hybrid
  • Trike Concept

The Cube Cargo Hybrid is a box ecargo bike capable of shifting over 200kg. Use it for shopping, use it for the family, use it for transporting goods. Built on a superlight aluminium frame it has a low centre of gravity meaning the handling is simple and intuitive. Batteries can be doubled up for additional range and hills are no problem with the more powerful Cargo Sport Hybrid.

The award-winning Cube Trike Concept is an exclusive collaboration between Cube and BMW, two of Bavaria’s design powerhouses. Shifting the luggage to the back and incorporating a unique tilt system, it keeps the cargo level and stable while riding like a traditional bike. It is an electric cargo bike gamechanger and coming soon to The Electric Bike Shop.


Since 2014, Cube have exclusively used German-engineered Bosch Motor systems in their bikes and now offer over 100 models from easy-entry city ebikes to state of the art enduro eMTB’s

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