Estarli joins the eCargo club

Estarli joins the eCargo club.

Estarli has moved into the Cargo space with a family-focused longtail. Co-Founder Alex Francis said, “this one was hard to ignore. The eCargo market is burgeoning and I do school runs for my daughters in a town where the Cargo bike is king and the car is a fool’s game”.

Alex explains that the intention was to develop an eCargo for all families: “It had to be more affordable than many of the market leading eCargo’s and it had to be a longtail variant since they ride the most like normal bikes.” The Estarli eCargo boasts a large 750WH battery that can do weeks of school trips without needing to charge and can carry an enviable 210 kg load.

Cycling industry news tested it at the eBike Summit in Oxford and said, “the Estarli electric cargo bike has an impressive spec for the price, managing to include an Enviolo stepless gear transmission alongside the Bafang m400 mid-motor, which offers 80 Nm of torque delivery to the Gates Carbon Drive belt.” Estarli tests their eBikes in the steep Chilterns valley of Berkhamsted so you know if you buy an estarli, it’s going to fly up hills.

Leading industry outlet, Ebiketips shared that enthusiasm after a full afternoon's testing. They said, “It was hard to fault this e-bike and the ease with which it took on the test ground - including some nice quality off-road bridleways - made its performance even more impressive.” They went on; “the RRP of £2,995 looks extremely competitive as most mid-drive e-cargo longtails with this carrying capacity start at around £4,000”.

So now you can benefit from Estarli's high quality builds and very competitive prices by using this lovely electric bicycle to rebel against the car and enjoy this nimble transport for daily errands and family journeys. This Longtail e-bike rides just like a normal bike, the difference being that it can carry much more on board!

Combining a monster motor with hydraulic brakes, stepless shifting gears and a huge carrying capacity, this electric cargo bike is a game-changer for people who want to help the environment, get some exercise and don’t want to spend their lives stuck in traffic.

The Estarli eCargo Longtail is available to pre order today, first bikes are due in November

Available in Liquorice Black or Milk White


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