Cargo Bike Myths #3

Cargo Bike Myths #3

Cargo Bike Myths #3

There are a lot of myths around cargo bikes, usually pedalled (pardon the pun!) by those that can't see past the windscreen of their van or those that simply don't know or want to know the benefits of a cargo bike or what they are for.

This is the third piece in a short series going some way to explain away those myths.

#3 "..cargo bikes are no good in bad weather.."

Why would you think that? If it rains you put a coat on or use an umbrella. It's no different on a cargo bike. Riders simply wear appropriate clothing for the weather and the cargo box can be covered or closed. Rain tents, for example, can keep your kids or cargo dry

What if it's snowing or icy? Well like a car or van, you would take a balanced view on safety driving in snow and ice so you would do the same riding a cargo bike too.

It's also a myth that Europe has much better weather than us where cargo bikes are common.

Dont believe me? Go and find a cargo bike owner and see what they say. Do proper research, don't be guided by biased opinions. Our experience and feedback from owners is that it's the best thing they ever did.

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