Cargo Bike Myths #1

Cargo Bike Myths #1

Cargo Bike Myths #1

There are a lot of myths around cargo bikes, usually pedalled (pardon the pun!) by those that can't see past the windscreen of their van or those that simply don't know or want to know the benefits of a cargo bike or what they are for.

This the first piece in a short series going some way to explain away those myths.

#1 " can't get much in a cargo bike.."

Yes vans are bigger. Yes they can carry more but they are never always full. In fact research by TfL suggests that at anytime, 39% of vans are less than 25% full which means commercial cargo bike capacities are very competitive.

Delivery companies default to vans because they haven't been shown an alternative. Well there is. The cargo bike is the right tool for the job in urban environments. They can cater for a third of last-mile deliveries in our towns and cities and where they are used properly they are quicker than vans, cleaner and safer for the environment and others too.

Still don't believe us? Go and find commercial cargo bike couriers PedalMe and Zedify on the internet and take a look at what they deliver. It is amazing.

Paul Prince @ The Electric Bike Shop

If you are considering a cargo bike for commercial purposes, let your decision be evidence led and not based on ill-informed bias.

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