Electric Bikes - Save money, save the planet

Electric Bikes - Save money, save the planet

Electric Bikes - Save money, save the planet

With the cost of living going through the roof and inflation running at a 40 year high, now is the time to review your lifestyle choices to save money.

For  decades we have been conditioned to think that cars are the only viable transport choice around our towns and cities. Planners have designed our urban environments to cater for them and drivers have had billions spent on building new roads, fuel duty freezes, car scrappage schemes and EV subsidies, for example, to prop up the motor industry. And what have we got? Congested roads, air pollution, noise pollution and a climate emergency. 50 years of car-centric urban planning is proof that constantly building to cater for cars doesn't work. We need to re-prioritise space for more efficient forms of transit so we can get moving again. Active travel is the answer. Walking, Cycling and Public Transport.

60% of car journeys are under 5 miles and a big chunk of those are under 1 mile. Yes, some people actually driver less than a mile to drop kids off to school, to go shopping or take the dogs for a walk when a lot of these journeys could be done by walking or cycling instead. Active Travel is like the big elephant in the room that Governments don't want to talk about because they risk alienating car-addicted voters.

Active Travel, more specifically cycling, has a range of benefits that will help improve your personal wellbeing, your pocket and wider society.

Firstly, cycling is cheaper. Much, much cheaper. It's cheaper to buy an electric bike vs a car and it's exponentially cheaper to run and maintain one. If you need to save money because of the cost of living squeeze, this is it. Ditch your car and get an electric bike.

Electric Bikes are gamechangers. They reduce congestion by taking cars off the road. They are a more efficient use of road space as most cars are never full and air pollution is improved massively too. Throw in you will get fit and your mental health will get a boost, you become less of a burden on our beloved NHS.

Electric Bikes are a WIN for your pocket. A WIN for your health and a WIN for society around you.

If you really care about climate change. If you really care about the health of your children. Get an electric bike and make a difference.

This is not pie in the sky dreaming because we know it works. Our local councils and governments should be making evidence led transport policy decisions but they don't because it's politically toxic to do so.  The evidence speaks for itself. Bold leadership around many European cities has seen cars removed, parking spaces gone and roads re-prioritised for Walking and Cycling. The results are cleaner and safer cities which are a much nicer place to live in.

Electric Bikes are our future, not Electric Vehicles

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