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Cold Weather Battery Care

Words by The Electric Bike Shop on 19/01/2022 13:43:09

If you are going to be riding your bike regularly over the winter then there is no need to worry about your battery or your bike.

But be aware that very cold (or hot) conditions can affect your battery range – Bosch say range can be reduced by up to 30% if used in temperatures below 0 degrees. In the very cold your battery has to work harder so can also decrease its overall lifespan so you might want to wrap it up on very cold days, some people use a sock and some tape!

When you’ve finished your ride on a cold day you should bring your battery up to room temperature before recharging – this will take a couple of hours.

In extreme weather conditions please only use your bike if you are completely confident you can ride safely and choose your power mode carefully to prevent your tyres spinning and slipping.

If you aren’t going to be riding then there are some simple steps to keep your battery healthy.

Batteries can cope with low temperatures (or high) but the cells far prefer to be kept at room temperature between 15-20 degrees. So if you keep your E-Bike in a shed or garage please bring the battery inside the house with you and pop it somewhere safe away from any moisture or steam.

When not using your battery for a while you want to keep it partially charged for a Bosch battery we advise leaving it at around 60% which is 3 LED’s on the indicator.

Lots of people think its better to keep the battery on charge all the time but that can put the battery under more pressure although it is impossible to overcharge it. Every few months check the battery and recharge up to 60% if needed, if a battery is left in storage totally flat then damage can be caused to the cells.

A typical E-Bike battery costs between £450 and £700 and is one of the most expensive components on an electric bike so is definitely worth looking after them.



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