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Before You Ride Essential Checks

Words by The Electric Bike Shop on 16/06/2021 15:44:53

If it’s been a while since you last took your bike out for a spin – or even if it was just this morning – here is a handful of vital checks to tick off before every ride:

  1. Check your tyre pressure. It’s normal for bicycle tyres to lose a little pressure over time, particularly if the bike isn’t used every day. Riding on underinflated tyres isn’t just slow and uncomfortable, but also increases the likelihood of puncturing. So, check your tyre pressure before every ride. A good quality track pump with a pressure gauge will help.

  1. Inspect your brakes. Give the levers a squeeze – if the brake doesn’t grab well, or the lever pulls in further than usual, your brakes will need some attention before you ride. Give us a call for advice or to book an appointment with our workshop.

  1. Lube your chain. If your chain is looking dry or showing signs of corrosion, apply some chain lube – just a drop on each chain link is sufficient. Spin the cranks a few revolutions, and give the chain a wipe with a rag or paper towel to remove the excess. Fresh chain lube is best applied to a clean chain. There are chain lubes available for different conditions.

  1. Double-check your emergency repair kit, it’s all too easy to put the bike away and forget about the parts and tools you may have just used. Before you head out again, be sure that you still have the right tools and spares to fix a flat tyre, tighten a slipping seat post clamp, or repair a broken chain.

  2. Check your helmet for any visible cracks, any cracks indicate aging and a need to replace, if you helmet is sun bleached it is also time to invest in a new one as the plastic may have become brittle. Finally also check the straps are firmly attached to the helmet shell and the foam isn’t starting to degrade



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