Business Benefits

How can Electric Bikes benefit my business?

E-cargo bikes have large potential to reduce the impact business has on the movement of goods into and around city centres. 

With transport related emissions accounting for 24% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. companies are being asked to look at ways to reduce their contribution to this.  

Bristol Cargo Bikes for Business - read more HERE

This project is jointly funded by Bristol City Centre BID, Redcliffe & Temple BID, and Bristol City Council, who are working with MP Smarter Travel to provide expert advice to businesses to help find the perfect cargo bike service to suit their business needs.

London Hammersmith & Fulham - Parcels Not Pollution - read more HERE

Building on Hammersmith BID’s work, this project is delivered by Hammersmith & Fulham Council and MP Smarter Travel, after initial funding through Transport for London (TfL).

There are many ways businesses can benefit from using electric bikes. Here are some examples :

Cycle to Work

Making Electric Bikes available for staff to commute has many benefits.  It's cheaper, it's greener, your staff will be healthier both in body and mind which will help reduce illness and absence. Employers can save money too.
Find out more about our Cycle to Work  schemes here or contact our customer service team for a chat on 0117 452 6571

Pool Bikes

Pool bikes allow staff  to borrow a bike for perhaps a lunchtime ride or a commute home. Think of it as a try before they buy. For large sites or campuses, pool bikes are a great way for your employees to move themselves and their equipment around quickly. A clean, green on-site transport solution


An electric cargo box bike can be a great tool to advertise your business, events or competitions. They are real attention grabbers and a talking point because people are not used to seeing them yet. They'll work for you whether they are moving or not.

Contact us if you want to trial an ecargo bike.

Hire Bikes

Are you a hotel or holiday park owner? Electric bikes are really popular with guests because it allows them to cheaply get off site and see the local area without the need for a car, taxi or public transport. It can be a tangible unique selling point that sets you apart from your competitors. A marketing win.


Do you deliver locally? Electric cargo bikes offer a cheap, clean and green way to deliver to your customers. Growth in this sector is faster than anywhere else in the industry as companies begin to understand the
implications of traffic congestion, air pollution and climate change on their business model.

Contact us if you want to trial an ecargo bike.

Myth #1: You can't get much in a cargo bike.

Yes vans are bigger. Yes they can carry more but they are never always full. In fact research by TfL suggests that at anytime, 39% of vans are less than 25% full which means commercial cargo bike capacities are very competitive.

Myth #2: Delivery by cargo bike is slower and more expensive

Vans get stuck in traffic. A lot. So they take longer.  They also contribute to emissions and traffic congestion . On cost, speed is key and cargo bikes are proven to be faster. 60% faster when goods are delivered last-mile from city-centre hubs. The big carriers are beginning to wake up to this now and we're beginning to see private courier firms like PedalMe flourish and the likes of AmazonDHL & DPD  trialling ecargo bike deliveries as customers want greener alternatives.

Myth #3: Cargo bikes are no good in bad weather

If it rains you put a coat on or you use an umbrella. It's no different on a cargo bike. Riders simply wear appropriate clothing for the weather and the cargo box can be covered or closed. 

What if it's snowing or icy? Well like a car or van, you would take a balanced view of how safe it is to drive in bad weather. Its the same riding an ecargo bike too. It's also a myth that Europe has much better weather than us where cargo bike deliveries are common.

Myth #4: EV's, drones and driverless pods are the future

They may have a part to play in the future of logistics but the tech is new, unproven and we have a climate crisis to deal with right now. We can't wait for them, cargo bikes on the other hand are ready to roll!

  • Transport in the UK needs to reduce carbon emissions ASAP
  • Electric Vehicles are not the silver bullet the media make you believe. They might be cleaner but they have stacks of embedded carbon in them from production and they won't ease traffic congestion.
  • Air pollution is an acute problem we need to deal with now. 
  • Congestion costs the UK economy £6.9 billion a year. Our streets are congested and unsafe. We need to reprioritise road space just to get moving again.
  • Delivery drivers are treated poorly. Long hours and low pay. Lets give them a healthier alternative