Why Choose an Electric Bike

We are passionate about Electric bikes because of the many benefits they offer over other alternative modes of transport. Read our favourite reasons to choose an electric bike below.

• Electric bikes are easy to maintain. There’s no M.O.T, no tax and are mainly made up of standard bicycle components.
• E-bikes allow those of us who are less physically fit, to keep up with others, and improve our fitness levels while doing so. They can help Grandparents to keep up with the grandkids, partners and group of friends, all with different fitness levels to cycle together.
• E bikes don’t emit noise pollution, allowing for a quiet and enjoyable riding experience, for you and those travelling with you.
• As your average speed increases, this will reduce your journey time- perfect for commuters.
• E-bikes offer a more traffic friendly pace, and allow you to skip the queues and congestion of traffic.
• Electric bikes often beat cars on shorter journeys, especially during rush hour- more great news for commuters!
• E-bikes are ideal for those wanting to get fitter, without experiencing joint and muscle pain that can be a consequence of normal cycling or other forms of exercise.
• E-bikes are pretty cheap to run, there’s no tax, insurance or M.O.T required. There’s also no costly petrol or diesel to keep topping up.
• Electric bikes offer a new way to improve your personal fitness level, possibly without noticing.
• E-bikes can take the pressure off when cycling with tag along kids bikes or buggies.
• Electric bikes are fantastic for those who want to ride for longer or faster, but don’t currently feel they have the fitness level to.
Electric bikes can be a great rehabilitation tool in aiding people recovering from injury or surgery.