Electric Mountain Bike - Gepida Ruga 1000 Deore 10
£ 2,399.00
This electric mountain bike is built for getting around on difficult terrain like woodland and rocky tracks. The Ruga's forte is performance and speed.

Gepida Ruga 1000 Deore 10 Electric Bike

The Ruga 1000 Deore 10 is built for handling difficult terrain like woodland paths and rocky tracks. Whilst comfort has been considered, the bikes forte is performance and speed. Wider handlebars ensure easy handling on more challenging terrain, while the seating position will support a mountain bikers posture. The weight is kept low at just 21.9kg to counteract the higher traction / rolling resistance but the 500WH motor will see you power through trails for up to 5 hours. You can commit to higher cornering speed thanks to the Schwalbe Rapid ROB 29x2.25 mountainbike tyres.


This modern and eco-friendly paint technology enables us to manufacture bicycles with immaculate finishes in a great variety of beautiful colors. The durability of these finishes is further guaranteed by the special powder coating applied at the end of the process.


The optimal rigidity is a very important factor of the modern aluminum frames. It can be achieved with our Hydroforming Technology to ensure our frames are stiff and rigid but still remain comfortable.


Routing lines and cables inside of the frame tubes provide a clean, elegant and sporty look which also help protect the cables from the elements; thereby extending their lifespan and guaranteeing their performance on the long run.


This special die forming technology is used to form our unique aluminum frames using a high pressure hydraulic fluid. The technology allows the aluminum tubes to be shaped into lightweight, stiff and esthetic pieces.


This international standard is designed to regulate constant and impeccable product and service quality in order to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Electric Mountain Bike Ruga 1000 Deore 10
Electric Mountain Bike Ruga 1000 Deore
Gepida Ruga 1000 Technical Specification
Maximum Speed
20mph (32kmh)
Pedal assist
Up to 55 miles (88km)
Backlight LCD display, 5 assistance levels
Li. Ion, 36v, 13.8Ah
4-6 Hours
Shimano Deore Shadow Performance Line mid-drive motor
Shimano Acera disc brakes BR-M395
Gepida Hydroforming 6061 Aluminum frame 17", 19"
27.5" Schwalbe Rapid Rob 27.5x2.25 "
Frame Weight
21.9 kg (45 lb)
At the electric bike shop, we strive to give our customers a service experience that is second to none. With this is mind we created our innovative enhanced delivery service, this includes the following:

• Assembly and pre delivery inspection by our trained technicians and quality manager.
• Front wheels, handlebars, pedals and front wheel removed (this is dependant on the bike model).

After we go through our pre delivery checks, we then take a photograph of your bike before it is prepared for dispatch.

We will aim, wherever possible, to get your bike to you the day after dispatch, and always within 5 days of the bike arriving at our workshop.

Once we know the bike has arrived with you safely, a member of our team will then give you a call, to provide help and assistance when assembling your bike.
How Fast Can the Ruga 1000  Go?
The Ruga 1000 can reach a top speed of up to 20 mph (32km/h)
How Far Can the Ruga 1000 Go?
The Ruga 1000 will assist you up to 37 miles (60km).
How Does the Ruga 1000 Handle Hills?
The Ruga 1000 has been designed and built with city commuters, boaters and campers in mind. It has been designed to withstand various terrain, including steep hills and inclines. The boost handles hills increbily well, the powerful motor helps to give a speedy boost up inclines, almost making them feel flat.
How Do I Know When I’m Running Low On Power?
The backlit LCD display includes a state of charge icon, and will let you know when it’s time to re charge.
What Accessories Are Available for the Kuo Boost?
We have a range of  accessories compatible with the Ruga 1000 on our E-bike accessories page.
How Do I Choose The Right Pace For Me?
The Ruga 1000 offers five assistance levels, allowing you to navigate bewteen, and choose the best assistance level you require for your journey and personal fitness level.
How is the Ruga 1000 charged?
Charging the Ruga 1000 is as simple as charging a mobile phone or laptop. To charge simply plug in the charger to any standard outlet, and into the charging port on the bike.
How Long Does it take to charge the Ruga 1000?
The Ruga 1000 Uses Lithium Ion batteries. The battery will become fully charged between four to six hours, depending on the level of charge it already has.
What does my warranty cover?
The Ruga 1000 has a five year frame warranty and two year motor, electronics and battery warranty.
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