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The cold weather and dark nights have will have most of us reaching for a fluffy blanket and hot cup of tea as opposed to our bike helmets, but there are many benefits to cycling during the winter Months.
Let us help take the stress out of Christmas shopping this year with our electric biker gift guide.
We got in touch with three electric mountain bikers who have recently purchased products from our site, and asked each of them what it is about mountain biking that makes them want to keep keep pursuing it as a hobby.
Spring is finally upon us, and what better way to revel in all the wonders nature has to offer us this season than a mountain biking session in the great outdoors. We have three fantastic locations we’d like to recommend to our fellow electric mountain bikers, each offering unique and exciting routes.
The Gepida Reptila 1000 ALTUS 7 is ideally suited to city life and commuting. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind the ALTUS 7 poses an upright seating position, allowing the rider to sit with a healthy posture and take in the views of their surroundings.
Grab your electric bike, your family and make the most of this British Summer this year!
Popular in the Netherlands, the ingenious Bakfiets electric cargo bike is a fantastic solution for people seeking a healthier and greener lifestyle.
At the electric Bike shop we believe that the key to making a positive lifestyle change is by finding an exercise that fits into your lifestyle. Read on to find out how owning an electric bike could benefit you.
There’s no better way to enjoy all that autumn has to offer other than getting out there and immersing yourself in nature. From glorious colour changing leaves to wonderful wildlife there are countless reasons to take your e bike for a spin this season.
If you’re looking to pursue a more active lifestyle, make some positive changes regarding your health and fitness and become a generally healthier and happier person then an electric bike could be the perfect investment for you. Throughout the years there has been a certain amount of scepticism surrounding electric bikes, but we have seen this slowly decrease as more and more people are discovering electric bikes are actually a pretty excellent fitness tool. The array of people that have been converted include fitness fanatics and health professionals, as well as regular cyclists and mountain bikers. Read more on how Cardiac Physiologist and keen mountain biker Chris put an e bike to the test with surprising results here.
If you’re considering purchasing your first electric bike and paving the way to a healthier and more active lifestyle, check out our beginners guide to electric bikes below.
These 3 carefully selected trails are an electric mountain bikers dream. Each trail offers a unique and exciting route on which you can put your e mountain bike to the test. 
We’ve handpicked three of the most unique and exciting trails for you to test your electric mountain bike out on this summer. Not only are these routes packed with exciting and challenging landscapes but also picturesque views, historic landmarks and natural wonders.
Find our how an electric bike can help you finally achieve your fitness goals.
If you're looking for a way to stay fit well into older age, an electric bike may be the answer. We have a range of electric bikes from folding electric bikes to off road electric bikes and more.
Ditch the car or the public transport for an electric bike and reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle
If you’re planning on making the most of the sun this summer then an electric bike can be a great, low cost way to get outside and get exploring.
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