Why You Should Cycle During Winter

The cold weather and dark nights have will have most of us reaching for a fluffy blanket and hot cup of tea as opposed to our bike helmets, but there are many benefits to cycling during the winter Months.

More restful night’s sleep

A healthy dose of fresh air during the day can help you into a deeper and more restful sleep come bedtime. This better quality of sleep can help you to feel less lethargic during the day. If you’re most of us and find it much harder to get out of bed when it’s still dark outside, better sleep quality should make this task a little easier.

Happier and more productive you

More exercise = more energy, trust us! The more of an active lifestyle you lead, the fitter and healthier you become. Exercise can help to improve mental alertness, and stave off some of those unwelcome winter mood changes such as low mood, and even depression. It’s also vital that we get enough vitamin D during winter, in order to prevent an array of symptoms and illnesses associated with a vitamin D deficiency. It can be really difficult during winter, to find the time to get your daily vitamin D from its most potent natural source: sunlight. If you use your electric bike as a means of transport to work, why not go for a ride during your lunch break? You may be surprised at your change in mood once you begin to reap the benefits of natural light.

Less illnesses and ailments

A healthier body makes for a healthier immune system. With all the viruses winter seems to bring each year, your immune system needs to be ready for battle. Physical activity helps to circulate your antibodies more quickly, enabling them to detect unwelcome illnesses earlier. Not only can exercise help to prevent and effectively fight illness, but if you’re suffering from the common cold, a journey on your electric bike could help to flush out that nasty cold ridden bacteria from your airways and lungs. Our more sedentary winter lifestyles can also cause other illnesses to surface. For example, the cold winter temperatures can make it more difficult for those who suffer with arthritis to soothe their symptoms. However, as we mentioned previously, a bike journey is a great way to lap up some vitamin D, which is vital for bone health, while a lack of the vitamin can make arthritis pain worse. Exercise by cycling can also be a beneficial way to manage joint pain, helping to alleviate symptoms and prevent them from worsening. Just remember it’s really important you stay warm when you’re heading out.

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