Why Mountain Bike?

Mountain Biking is a thrilling and exciting way to keep fit. Mountain biking allows cyclists to reap the benefits of the great outdoors, explore new places, keep fit and develop new friendships; it really is a fantastic hobby we would recommend to anyone. We got in touch with three electric mountain bikers who have recently purchased products from our site, and asked each of them what it is about electric mountain biking that makes them want to keep keep pursuing it as a hobby.

‘it helps clear my head’

Katie, an amateur mountain biker from North Yorkshire, likes to cycle with her husband and friends. ‘We’re lucky that we live fairly near to such amazing trails’ Katie told us. ‘My favourite has to be Erringden Moor near Hebden Bridge, the scenery is truly picturesque and I love how the terrain changes throughout the route’. When we asked Katie what she liked most about mountain biking she explained to us that it was the mental, rather than physical benefits she gained from mountain biking that turned it into a hobby for her: ‘I just love how clear and calm my head feels after a day on the bike. For me it’s definitely more about the positive mental changes I’ve noticed since I begun mountain biking, although I can have a few extra biscuits with my tea now I’m doing more exercise, and I’m certainly not complaining at that!’.

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‘mountain biking has helped me to loose 25 pounds’

Henry, also from north Yorkshire, begun mountain biking three years ago after a health scare encouraged him to change his lifestyle habits. ‘I started mountain biking after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015, my doctor had told me, if I lost enough weight, I could come off my medication and reverse the diabetes. I joined a local group after a colleague of mine suggested cycling to keep fit, I’d always found the idea of mountain biking intriguing but I’d never made the time to pursue it as a hobby. I was hooked after my first session and continued to go three times a week. I now take no medication, and I’m no longer classed as a diabetic.’

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‘I do it for myself’

Jake has been a member of a local mountain biker group in Somerset for over 2 years. Jake told us his interest in mountain biking begun after he moved to Somerset for work and found himself ‘bored and friendless’ after moving to a new and unfamiliar part of the country. ‘I took up mountain biking because I’d find myself with nothing to do on the weekends. I already owned a hybrid electric bike as I used it as my mode of transport to get to work, I wanted to get fit, but I didn’t want to pay the price of a gym membership. I met some fantastic new people during our first few excursions and loved every minute. Honestly the simple answer as to why I mountain bike is because I thoroughly enjoy it; I do it for myself’

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