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Hello and welcome to our site! The electric bike shop is an online E-bike retailer home to top of the range brands including A2B and F4W. We are people passionate about electric bikes, and we believe they are fantastic gateway tools into a healthier and happier life.

So, what is an electric bike?

An electric bike is essentially a bike that has a battery powered motor attached. The motors purpose is to assist the rider and make cycling less strenuous, as well as provide ample assistance up hills and inclines.

The Different Types of Electric Bikes

While every electric bike has the same purpose: to provide the rider with assistance, not every electric bike works the same. Each person using an electric bike will have different fitness levels, and therefore different abilities. Some riders may only require assistance up hills and steep inclines, while others may require support for the entire journey, because of this, each electric bike is different, offering different levels and styles of assistance. Pedal assist electric bikes use a pedal activated motor, working with the rider to provide an optimum level of assistance, typically adjusted using a display on the bike. Throttle powered or power on demand electric bikes are just that, they propel you when riding, allowing you to either sit back and relax as the bike does all the hard work, or to pedal as the bike moves forward.

Who are electric bikes aimed at?

The wonderful thing about electric bikes is the fact that they’re incredibly versatile, and are a worthwhile investment for such a broad range of people. Electric bikes are excellent for both the super fit, and the exercise averse. They’re excellent for anyone wanting to pursue a healthier lifestyle, spend more time outdoors, commute to work and much more. Electric bikes are still a fairly new concept to a lot of people, and the cycling community have a mixed range of opinions on them. Many believe that e bikes are fantastic pieces of modern technology, while others have a slightly more skeptical view. Because electric bikes use a motor, it’s easy to jump to conclusions and believe they are not effective forms of exercise; however e-bikes are quite the opposite, and can be particularly beneficial to people aiming to improve their fitness levels. With electric bikes you can go further and faster than on a standard bicycle, giving you extra confidence. If you’re still not convinced head over here to see what cardiac physiologist Chris thought of his electric bike experience.

How do I Choose the best electric bike for myself?

Here at the electric bike shop we have an incredibly passionate and friendly team. We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding e-bikes. We can guide you on choosing the best model, taking into consideration your personal fitness level, the area you will be using your bike, and the purpose you will use your bike for. We will also take into consideration your budget, and provide you with what we think are the most budget friendly options. Our selection of ex demo electric bikes can be an excellent option if you’re looking for an even more competitively priced electric bike.
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