The Bakfiets Electric Cargo Bike

Popular in the Netherlands, the ingenious Bakfiets electric cargobike is a fantastic solution for people seeking a healthier and greener lifestyle.

Step into any Dutch city and you’ll be met with hundreds of cyclists. In the Netherlands, it is common for people to use their bikes a main form of transport. Amongst the wide variety of bike styles, you’ll notice many cyclists using cargobikes. Since the 1990s cargo became increasingly popular amongst Dutch parents, so much so that the new stereotype of the ‘bakfietsmoeder’ or ‘cargobike mother’ was created. In contrast to the American ‘soccer mom’ stereotype a stereotypical ‘bakfietsmoeder’ would be considered career driven and ambitious. However just as the ‘soccer mom’ tag, the ‘bakfietsmoeder’ is merely a stereotype. You will find All kinds of carers including fathers, grandparents and sometimes even nursery teachers use cargobikes to travel with children. Before cars became widely affordable, and were only available to the very rich, cargobikes would be used by painters, grocers, tradesmen and construction workers, as a way of transporting their goods and equipment around the city. Cargobikes are still used by delivery workers and tradesmen today, but rather than being associated with poverty, cargobikes are seen as a trendy and economic form of travel, and rightly so!

Electric cargobikes are easily adaptable to suit the riders lifestyle needs. The Bakfiets cargobike can be adjusted to accompany infants and children from birth to around 10 years old. The benefit of using a cargo bike to travel with children is that the children with be in front of you. This is a must for parents with very young children, especially if you are travelling with more than one child. Bakfiets offer a range of accessories to keep children safe and comfortable during their ride. Cargobikes allow parents to carry children as well as shopping bags and other cargo.

Cargo bikes are excellent for couriers and small businesses which require frequent transport of goods. Whether delivering food, flowers, packages or parcels, with a Bakfiets bike, transporting goods has never been easier via bicycle. Using a cargobike to transport supplies and goods for your workplace can be a great way to advertise your company’s passion for a greener, cleaner community too. If you’re a small business owner, investing in cargobikes allows employees to opt for a healthier form of travel, and can in turn boost morale.

As you would imagine, travelling by bicycle with any extra weight can prove to be strenuous activity. However with the help of electrically powered assistance, you’ll find the added weight of your cargo becomes virtually weightless. Even as you travel up hills, you’ll notice very little effort is required.
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