Make the Most of Autumn With your Electric Bike

There’s no better way to enjoy all that autumn has to offer other than getting out there and immersing yourself in nature. From glorious colour changing leaves to wonderful wildlife there are countless reasons to take your e bike for a spin this season.

Deer Spotting

Watching deer roam in their natural habitat can be a wonderful experience. There are Six types of deer to be spotted in the Great British Countryside. Depending on where you live and cycle, some deer species will be more prevalent than others. There are a number of national parks across the UK that provide good opportunities to spot deer as well as cycle. The Tasmin trail which travels through London’s Richmond Park is home to 300 red deer and 350 fallow deer and is a excellent route for family e bike rides.

The British Deer Society website lists a number of places deer can be spotted as well as offering tips on how to make an encounter more likely. Visit for more information.

Deer aren’t the only wildlife to be spotted during autumn. Visit to see a list of all the best places to spot wildlife via electric bike.

Conker and Chestnut Collecting

Conker collecting is a great way to get the kids excited about the great outdoors. A family e bike ride is the perfect opportunity to collect these natural souvenirs. Kids will love scouting for their own little treasures and getting to take home their findings. If you’re not cycling with kids, chesnut collecting can be just as rewarding, and chestnut roasting is the perfect autumn evening activity after a day out on the e bikes.

Sunset Cycling

The winter season can put cyclists off taking a ride after work because of the dark evenings. However during autumn the sun doesn’t set until around 6:30 giving most nine-to-fivers a good hour of cycling time. Autumn evenings boast particularly beautiful sunsets too. The vivid reds and oranges we see during an autumn sunset are thanks to the clean and crisp autumn air.