Fitness With Electric Bikes

If you’re looking to pursue a more active lifestyle, make some positive changes regarding your health and fitness and become a generally healthier and happier person an electric bike could be the perfect investment for you. Throughout the years there has been a certain amount of scepticism surrounding electric bikes, but we have seen this slowly decrease as more and more people are discovering electric bikes are actually a pretty excellent fitness tool. The array of people that have been converted include fitness fanatics and health professionals, as well as regular cyclists and mountain bikers. Read more on how Cardiac Physiologist and keen mountain biker Chris put an e bike to the test with surprising results here.

If the bike does the work for me, how does this keep me fit?

A question which as e bike retailers, we have come across quite a lot. The answer is e bikes don’t work for you but with you. E bikes typically either have a pedal assist, a power on demand motor or a torque sensor, all of which provide assistance on your bike ride, meaning you do need to put some effort in to get to your destination, but the fantastic thing about e bikes is you decide how much. Let’s say that you have quite a sedentary lifestyle and don’t do much exercise at all, and of course, you want to change that. You want to cycle, but you live in a very hilly area, you’re ten miles away from work and so you give up the idea because it seems too daunting. If we drop an electric bike into this scenario those hills become flat, and that ten mile bike ride becomes a five mile one. Of course this is an exaggeration, and e bikes can’t actually magically make hills flat, or bring your destination closer, but it sure does make it feel that way when you’re riding one. Even the most unfit person can take up cycling with an electric bicycle, regardless of route, or distance.

If you’re already quite fit, and pursue a more active lifestyle, an electric bike will be just as beneficial to you. With a torque sensor, the bike will provide just the right level of assistance, depending on how much effort you put in. So say you’re pedalling up a hill, if you’re not struggling, the motor will take a rest, if you are the motor kicks in to give you a helping hand. With a pedal assist bike you have to pedal for the motor to work at all, so without you the motor will not work, meaning you have to put that effort in but again if you’re a beginner you’re not going to find yourself out of your depth. Power on demand motors are just that, when you want power the bike gives you it, whether you’re pedalling or not, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still excellent for fitness. Say you’ve been riding for a while on either a leisurely bike ride, or a heart pumping race, but you’re quite far from home, and you’ve exerted all your energy on getting to your destination, that’s where the power on demand motor comes in.