Choose an Electric Bike For the Commute

Ditch the car or the public transport for an electric bike and reap the benefits of a more active lifestyle

A More Balanced Lifestyle

The electric bike shop decided to do a little research into the healthy habits of our customers. 80 percent of people we asked would like to become more active in day to day life, when we asked why they thought they weren’t as active as they would like to be, the answer that cropped up the most was ‘I don’t have the time’. This is an answer that the team at the electric bike shop could certainly relate to. Leaving a window open in our busy modern schedules, for anything that is deemed other than absolutely essential or urgent can be difficult, however with an electric bike, you can introduce more of a balance into your lifestyle, and reap the benefits in a multitude of ways. By cycling to work, you’re taking an essential part of your day, and using it to your advantage.

Start Off Right and Improve Your Health For Life

Another common theme that cropped up when we asked our customers about their healthy habits was that many have trouble sticking to them. Whether it’s eating better food and cutting out junk, or heading to the gym, it can be extremely tempting to throw in the towel after a few weeks of considerable effort. In contrast to a new gym membership or a restrictive diet, using an electric bike to cycle to work allows you to adapt gradually to a lifestyle change. No matter how challenging your journey is or how fit you are, electric bikes work with you to provide just the right amount of assistance and support. Electric bikes don’t do the work for you, but allow you to choose how far you want to push yourself, and the pace you want to travel. We all know that exercise is extremely beneficial to our waistlines and our lifelines, as well as our overall health. Whether you have an active job or a desk job, adding some cardiovascular activity to your day is a small lifestyle change you can stick to, that will help to improve your overall health.

Our favourite e bikes for commuters

The Kuo+ Folding Electric Bike

The kuo+ is a folding electric bike, perfect for hopping on and off the bus or the tube, or even if you need to jump in a taxi. So even if your journey is particularly long, you can still fit in some activity and cycle for part of your journey with the Kuo+.
The Kuo+ folding electric bike

The Ferber electric bike

the ferber electric bike

The Ferber has a classic bike look and feel, making for a fuss free ride. The luggage rack provides the necessary cargo space for the commuter too.