A Beginners Guide to Electric Bikes

An electric bike can be a fantastic investment for your health and well being. The wonderful thing about e bikes is that they are suited to a broad range of fitness levels and ages. At the electric bike shop we stock a variety of electric bike types, from mountain e-bikes to leisure and commuter e bikes. If you’re considering purchasing your first electric bike and paving the way to a healthier and more active lifestyle, check out our beginners guide to electric bikes below.

What Counts as an Electric Bike?

An electric bike is any bike fitted with an electric motor. This can be a bicycle which you have modified yourself or a bike you have purchased with the motor built in.

How does an electric bike work?

Electric bikes are designed to work with, not for their rider. Most electric bikes use a ‘pedal assist motor’. This means the motor is only activated when the rider begins pedalling. Other electric bikes use a throttle control. Both styles of e bike are designed to give the rider a boost and make pedalling less strenuous on flat terrain and up hills.

Will an Electric Bike Still Provide an Effective Workout?

When electric bikes first appeared on the mainstream market, many health fanatics were sceptic about their ability to provide an effective workout. After all, if you’ve never ridden an electric bike it’s easy to assume that the bikes motor will do all the work. However it is now more widely understood that while e-bikes help to make cycling a less strenuous activity, they are certainly capable of getting our hearts racing and blood pumping the same as any other cardiovascular activity.

Do I need a Licence to Ride/Own an ebike?

E-bikes which are classed as EAPC’s or electrically assisted pedal cycles do not need to be taxed, registered or insured in England, Scotland or Wales. You can ride an EAPC if you are over 14 years old and the bike meets certain requirements. Throttle e-bikes fall under a different category and must be type approved. You can find out more information about the rules and regulations on e bikes on the government website or speak to one of our own friendly team members who will be happy to help.