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f4w peak
Reach those peaks! If rugged style is your number one requirement then look no further than the F4W Peak.
WAS: £999.00
the Kuo+ a2b electric bikes
This stylish, lightweight and portable electric bike is perfect for boaters, campers, commuters and anyone in need of a high quality, lightweight folding bike.
WAS: £1299.00
The a2b Obree electric bikes
Named after Graham Obree, this electric bike offers fantastic performance, delivered to you in a sleek modern frame.
WAS: £2370.00
A2B's hybrid / 24 Bike
Reliable, secure and agile, it’s clear to see why the Hybird 24 is a popular bike amongst several police forces.
WAS: £2100.00
The Octave a2b electric bike
The first designed and built electric bike, the Octave is an innovative combination of stylish German design and state of the art technology.
WAS: £2799.00
Taking strong inspiration from traditional bikes, the Ferber combines the benefits of modern technology with classic style.
WAS: £1650.00
a2bs Orsted electric bike
The robust and reliable Orsted will carry you through busy city traffic and rough rural climbs with ease. with an impressive range of assistance modes and a classic design, the Orsted is an excellent choice for every devoted cyclist.
WAS: £2350.00

Electric bikes/E Bikes

Electric bikes or 'e bikes' are the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to pursue an exciting new activity that will also help them to become fitter, healthier and in turn happier, all at a pace that suits them and a time that suits them.
Electric bikes or ‘E-bikes’ are essentially bikes that use a battery powered motor to provide the rider with assistance. E-bikes are perfect for those who are less physically fit, but even the most enthusiastic cardio junkie will find that an electric bike still gets their heart pumping and their blood flowing.